I graduated with a Masters of Business Administration from the University of South Australia in 2012. During my studies, I produced over 30 reports totalling more than 60,000 words. I delivered a number of presentations and sat numerous exams. I've made public some of my works, which I hope you find useful or at the least, mildly interesting. I will continue to add more with time, so please check back often... good luck with your studies!
Andrew Kuszczakowski
B.Eng (E&E) (Flinders); MBA (UniSA)

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MediSys Corporation: The IntensCare Product Development Team
Author: Andrew Kuszczakowski
Key Concepts: Change Management, Conflict Management, Power & Influence, Building Effective Teams
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IKEA: Furniture Retailer to the World - Investigation into Emerging Markets in South America
Authors: Alison Back, Andrew Kuszczakowski, Piero Sparapani
Key Concepts: International Business, Market Entry Strategy, Cultural Considerations, Transnational Strategy
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Barbera Farms, Coles & Woolworths: Price wars cited as grower folds
Author: Andrew Kuszczakowski
Key Concepts: Supply & Demand, Price Elasticity, Oligopolies
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Change Management
Author: Andrew Kuszczakowski
Key Concepts: Personality Types & Change, Resistance to Change, Kotter's 8-Steps, Change Agents
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Author: Andrew Kuszczakowski
Key Concepts: Types of Networks, Constructing Networks
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